About Us

AWIS Wine Tasting 2012AWIS is a national advocacy organization championing the interests of women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. By breaking down barriers and creating opportunities, AWIS strives to ensure that women in these fields can achieve their full potential.

The AWIS LA/VC chapter was re-chartered in 2008 by a small group of women at Amgen’s Thousand Oaks campus. The first executive committee was composed of women who spanned departments across Amgen R&D. Each brought her diverse expertise and a significant investment of her time to the table to accomplish all of the early activities involved in getting a chapter off the ground including: adopting the constitution and bylaws, drafting the non-profit charter, finances, website design, member recruitment and program development. From the beginning, there was the desire to make the chapter and its activities available to all interested women scientists across both counties, a significant undertaking given how large the two counties are. By the time the first holiday party for the chapter was held in 2009, the chapter was well on its way to accomplishing the initial goals of the executive committee, and membership and programming have grown steadily ever since.

Our Mission:

  • Foster the personal and professional skills of women so they can become leaders in their field
  • Support women at all stages of their career through career development workshops, networking opportunities, social gatherings, and specific mentoring programs
  • Promote a collegial environment where women from different disciplines and employment sectors feel confident to share their experience, advice, and expertise for the benefit of all members
  • Cultivate the next generation of women in science to be confident and ready to pursue their full potential

Download Constitution & By-laws